Friday, 29 April 2011

Inspired by the Montessori mobile alphabet

One day, as I was in the process of making my own mobile alphabet, a 6-year-old visitor caught a glimpse of it and asked to be shown. I didn't have a tray at the moment (the letters were stored in plastic boxes) and hadn't finished painting the letters, therefore the whole thing wasn't very appealing.. It didn't stop him, instead he felt inspired to start a list of words ending in -at.

Since he already knew how to write, he proceded to write down his list on paper, probably partly because it was taking too much effort to find each letter in the state they were in, and partly so he could take his list home. I love his very ambitious and organised start of the list below!

This is what the finished homemade mobile alphabet looks like. I used the tray from an old print found at a charity shop and the letters (3 packets I think) are letters that are used for arts and crafts. I gave each letter several coats of either red or blue and they were good to go!

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