Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Montessori pink action cards

Once a week Alex and I have 40 minutes to wait between going to two places. When it rains we play games in the car. I made some CVC action cards a few weeks ago. They are CVC words such as "run", "cut", "sob", "sip" glued onto rectangles of pink paper (Montessori colour coding for CVC words, the first stage of reading) and laminated. The way we played was as follows: I held all the cards in my hand in a fan, face down.  Alex picked one while I looked away. He read it in his head and made me guess the word by doing the action. This game helped him with his silent reading much more than any of his school homework that directly asked him to "read in his head". Everything is so much easier to learn when it has a purpose, isn't it?  

You can download the cards by clicking here.

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